1967 – Holy Cross, St. John the Baptist, and St. Stanislaus Kostka Schools were consolidated with Felician Sisters, Fransiscan Sisters and Sisters of Mercy.  The consolidation was comprised of the following parishes: Holy Cross, St. Patrick, St. John the Baptist, St. Edward, Most Precious Blood, Holy Incarnation, St. Stanislaus Kostka.  Northern Cambria Catholic School was made up of 378 students in grades K-8.  Three buildings were used for instruction.

8/29/1967     -First day of classes in the Consolidated School.

2/28/1968     -Fr. James Schuster and a New York reporter visit all Extensions in order to observe                and study the Consolidated School.

6/2/1970       -Fr. Thaddeus Kolodziej celebrates the eighth grade Graduation Mass of NCC Consolidated School at St. Stanislaus Church.

1970 – The Sisters of Mercy ( Spangler) withdrew.

1971 – St. Nicholas joined the consolidation.  The enrollment of Northern Cambria Catholic increased to 476 students and 4 buildings now housed grades K-8.

1980 – Holy Cross building was closed and there were 286 students enrolled in NCCS.

1984 – The Fransiscan Sisters withdrew.

1987 – St. Stanislaus Kostka building was closed  and there were 243 students enrolled in NCCS.

1990 – The long awaited day of Ground Breaking for the addition of our Catholic School finally took place on Wednesday, October 31.  The festivities of the day began with a Eucharistic Celebration of a joint student body participation.  Very Rev. Ronald Osinski, Pastor of the Consolidation, was the main celebrant along with pastors of the participating parishes as concelebrants.

Each grade was represented in the Offertory Procession.  Since the children have been praying to St. Joseph the carpenter, asking his help with the building, the Kindergarten Class carried a statue of St. Joseph.  the plans of the new addition and a picture of the same, a building brick, the Holy Bible, a school bell, the spade, which was used in the official ground breaking, the pledges of monetary help and the bread and wine used at the Eucharist were all brought to the altar.

After the Mass, the children received balloons which were launched after the official ground blessing was said and the customary spade full of ground was overturned.  After Very Rev. Ronald Osinski, Pastor of the Consolidation and Sister Jane Mary Protsko, Principal, traditionally broke the ground, each Pastor in order signified cooperation by doing the same.  Sister Mary Alexander Klawinski, Provincial Superior of the Felician Sisters also took her turn to turn over the ground on the new site.

In attendance were all the school children, parents and friends and the Provincial Administration of the Felician Sisters; SM Cabrini Procopio, SM David Krasowski, SM Lee, the Felician Director of Education.

The festivities ended with “God Bless America” played on the trumpets by the school band directors, Mr. Dipyatic and Mr. Cannon.

1992 – August 13
Trucks, vans, cars, U-Hauls were utilized to move furniture, desks, books, etc. from St. John’s Extension, Barnesboro to the new addition of NCCS in Nicktown.  The cooperation of the people in the consolidation was most overwhelming and proved  sincerity of all concerned with the new addition.

The new pastor, Reverend Claude Pollak, OSB arrived at Nicktown to assume duties of pastorship in the consolidation.

September 1, 1992
Students from grades five to eight opened their 1992-1993 school year at the newly constructed addition in Nicktown.  The name of the entire building was Northern Cambria Catholic School and no longer St. Nicholas Extension.  The enrollment for this year was 170 students including Kindergarten to grade eight.  A Pre-School had opened this fall with an enrollment of thirteen children.

2013 – The Felician Sisters withdrew and NCCS for the first time has a lay principal – Mrs. Theresa Burba

2015 – NCCS has an enrollment of 113 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade and 5 pre-school students.

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